Best-seller Items

365 Day Notebook

The Stalogy’s iconic notebook – it has 368 pages which allow customers to use the notebook for one year. The ultra-thin & non-breeding paper (58g/m2) makes it easy to carry around. It comes into other three primary colours too – Red, Yellow and Blue (B5 is available in black only)

365 Day Notebook A5 Black

365 Day Notebook B6
Vintage Notebook Yellow

The Vintage Notebooks

The lowest priced notebook from Stalogy, yet it retains the high-quality and functionality the brand is known for. The paper is slightly thicker (81.4 g/m) than the Editor’s Series Notebooks and the smoothness of the paper gives a great writing experience. 

Available in six vibrant colours, they’re ideal for projects at work, or for studying at school or university.

Writable Sticky Notes 15 x 50mm (Set A to D)

Sticky Notes are perfect for marking passages in books & reports, or highlighting important details. They won’t leave any damage on the paper, even if you peel it off. Comes in 12 vibrant colours that are available in 3-colour sets. The large selection of colours make these notes perfect for labelling and classifying.

Translucent Sticky Notes (Plain / Gridded)

These translucent sticky notes can be written on with pencils, permanent marker pens and water based marker pens. You can easily see what is underneath, making them perfect for annotating books, maps and everything else.

Removable Calendar (S/M)

A monthly adhesive calendar designed to be used with the Stalogy Editor’s series notebooks. Fully adhesive, the calendars are removable so they can be moved to different pages if necessary. Available in two sizes. Small is perfect for A6 or B6 notebooks, and medium is great for B6 or A5 notebooks.

4 Function Pen (While / Black)

The most functional and stylish pen from Stalogy. It has a 0.5 mm lead mechanical pencil and a ballpoint pen with black, blue, and red ink, and small eraser at the top. 

The silk-touch, low-viscosity ink used in the ballpoint pen prevents the pen from gliding too fast, ensuring excellent writability. Refills are also available.